Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Woes Of an Internetless Abode

I moved into a new place a little while ago ( I have no concept of time, so we will stick to the ambiguous "while ago"). At first, my new roomie, Frances and I thought we could swing the "not having internet thing". "It would save us money", "it would create a peaceful non-media cluttered space" and "we can just go to places where there is free wifi" were some of the thoughts we were naively throwing around. We tossed the thought around for a half second and realized that this is not a sustainable way of life...well not for a free lance/ long-distance graphic designer such as myself.

To add to the chaos of being in a new space, in a new environment (especially one with signage in different languages e'rywhere) and not knowing where anything is, I need internet to send files at all times of the day and night to meet the needs of clients. Just when you think you have everything wrapped up in a nice neat file, you think its safe to cross the item off your to-do list and you leave the place of free wifi, you get a message that the client has changed their mind for some reason or just needs you to "tweak" something or you misspelled something. So then you scramble to find a place closer or that is still open (while trying to not move your car from its precious space that you painstakingly found just minutes before) so you can send a "tweaked" version of what you just sent.

In addition to this, I'm not what one would call, tech-savvy and have no idea how to even go about getting internet. What is the internet? What's dsl? Whats a modem? What's a router? Why is it $29.95/month here and $12.00/month there? I even asked my technologically-advanced friends to break it down for me, though I feel their laymen's terms need to be dumbed down even further. I should tell them to pretend that I am an 100 year old woman who has never seen a computer before, maybe then they will know at what level I am at.

Needless to say, my blog hasn't been my numero uno priority. Though I get such enjoyment in posting here and its my raison d'etre fun, it has taken a back burner for the time being. I will post pics of my new place soon. I kind of want to wait till I have a bookcase to house all my boxed-books. I also want to hang some of the photos and prints before I show you anything. We shall see.


Jori said...

1. Congrats (grad) on the new place. I think I missed out on telling you that, but I hope it's going well.

2. Cheers also to the new camera.

3. Internet language is so foreign to me. I have completely dodged having to learn any of it, and how to buy it, somehow. Even to this day, when it's not working and my computer tries to ask me to fix it (router, DSL, IP address, etc) I feel like an IT hero for just knowing how to unplug/replug the piece that looks like a phone cord.

Jori said...

Oh wait. I meant to also compliment the books pictures in a previous post. Your photography is, as always, stunning, even of daily events.

Rachelle Hamilton said...

1. Thanks, I am quite enjoying it.
2. I could repeat the previous thing I just said, though I will say I am thoroughly enjoying it instead.
3. You are too too lucky to be able to bypass the whole thing. Believe you me, its no laughing matter. Luckily since I have now connected with our neighbor's connection, I can prolong my ignorance a little bit more.)

And thank you for the compliments! Though it may just be the camera, I can point it pretty much anywhere and it'll take a good picture haha.