Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Life:Packed Up

I have come to the conclusion that I must be some sort of a genie or maybe a magician. What other explanation is there to my clown-car house? Though I have been packing for what seems like forever more things continue to turn up. Its like a never ceasing stream of objects. One would think I should be on the show, "Hoarding Alive." Needless to say I am elbows deep in boxes, bags and Goodwill piles.

I had hopes that I would move in last week, though as it turns out the bathroom wasn't finished being renovated, so alas I must wait. In addition to move-in limbo I have been preparing for a new school year and all the first week activities. I have been working on a 9 foot entrance to a carnival which will also act as a photo-op area. My biz, Outlook Creative has also picked up speed and I have been working on more info graphics, wedding invites, and banners just to mention a few. I refurbished a chair for the first time ever (which I will share later, when I have a good 'after' picture.) I participated in a night of 'creative' worship, where I painted a picture, which was a first for me.

I also went to the ArtWalk in DTLA. Since my technologically gifted friend showed me the errors of my ways, I can now load some of my pictures from my beautiful camera using my SD card reader. So until I can unpack my life (literally and metaphorically) I will leave you with this.


An ice cream shop where you work to churn your own ice cream.

The Last Bookstore of LA

Spoken word. 

Book sculptures.

Low light, no tripod, no flash...look at that detail. I love my new camera!

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