Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haiti Bound or Bust

I know I know you are probably diasppointed because this isn't another glorious guest post. Alas you are stuck with me for now. But let's give it up for Jason! I love how he tied it into the human condition at its purest form. It got me all thinking about my dreams and what they mean for me as a person. Such vivid imagery. And really relatable. Good stuff!

I contemplated never writing on here again because yet again, I cannot compete with such genius. Though I leave for Haiti today and I thought I would give you a quick update and a say farewell for a while.

I am packed and ready to go, I just need to shower and throw an extra set of clothes in my carry-on! Woot woot! This trip in particular really snuck up on me. I think its because I've been going full-steam ahead since before school ended. I've had friends and family visit, made all the promotional items for next year, and worked on an array of different projects (as I previously mentioned). Just this last week I made a 16 page catalog for my business. Whew!

So it will be quite the shock again to go to a place where I will not be using my phone, will not be using internet, or electricity for a majority of the time. I won't worry about my appearance (for the most part) and will try and not think of how I smell. The focus will be on people and loving on them. And allowing them to love on me.  

I look forward to the big hugs given by little babies, playing games with the young and old, sharing my love for Jesus, bringing them resources they wouldn't otherwise have, and spending time with the women in the Haitian kitchen, among other things. Eeee! Get me on that plane!

Please keep us in your prayers... for traveling mercies, good health, safety, effectiveness, the presence of G-d to move through us and to bring freedom, salvation and healing. 

PS In the past I've brought a ball-cap to keep me covered from the sun's dangerous rays. This year I had the idea to get this wide brimmed hat. I don't foresee it making it very far though, the second I take it off, I'm pretty sure it will get destroyed from the kiddos trying it on, but I can hope. (will bring ball cap as a back up)

Whelp, I guess I will talk to you later. Yet again, we will be gone for a total of 15 days, so please keep us in your prayers! 


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