Saturday, April 6, 2013

San Diego Zoo

I had never been to San Diego before, so when I was asked if I wanted to join on a SD Zoo excursion, I happily obliged. It's funny because I hadn't been to the zoo in years and then last year I went to the LA Zoo and now this one. I'm becoming quite the zoo connoisseur.

We decided to take the Skyfari which came with the price of our tickets. Not going to lie, my heart was pounding a little, especially when it stopped moving and was stationary about halfway through, which isn't supposed to happen.

We fed the giraffes! When I sent my mom the picture on the right, she texted me the picture on the left. It turns out I fed giraffes at the Denver Zoo before. (She says I fed them in the KC Zoo too haha.)

We held baby pandas! Not really... I wish. haha

We didn't hold any baby pandas but we did see a tuft of its fur up in the tree that it was sleeping in. 

He looked kind of angry, maybe because I wanted to make a coat out of his fur. Just kidding, I would never want to do that. Also I pet a dog that hangs out with the chetah, so if A= B, and B=C then A=C and I pet a chetah.

Oh you know, just chill in'. 

All in all it was an awesome day, full of magical animals. 

On a different note. I am going to switch things up a bit on this ol' blog and do something I have never done before. I am going to have guest writers from time to time, starting with Monday! So stay tuned for my mystery writer.

Ps. I really like this and wish we did have these words in English.

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Peixia said...

Somewhere in this house is an unearthed photo of you feeding the giraffes at the Kansas City Zoo. I just think it's funny that you seem to do this at every zoo you visit.