Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hard Act to Follow

The market value of my blog rose exponentially after Farrah's guest post, and if I were smart I would end on a high note and never blog again. There's no way I can compete with that and its a hard act to follow. So I am not going to try and compete. I will just continue with my low brow humor, subpar photography and grade-schoolesque writings and throw you a bone every once and a while with more guest posts. So stay tuned for those.

So back to normal... (sorry).

Mom: I can't find you on Instagram.
Me: Because I don't have Instagram anymore.
Mom: What?! Why don't you have Instagram?! (slightly annoyed/angry tone)
Me: I don't know, it seems like a lot to juggle, between Facebook, my blog, Pinterest, LinkedIn... (trails off defensively)
Mom: (sigh) Ok, well when you get an account look me and your sisters up and follow us.

Days later...

Farrah: Why am I all about Instagram right now? (looking at phone smiling)
Me: (silently looking at the same Facebook posts from the last 15 minutes on my phone).
Farrah: (still looking down and now giggling)

So there you have it folks, I have Instagram. I'm no longer just taking pictures of my life and leaving them idly in my phone, I am now sharing them with you. (sorry). Just in case you aren't on Instagram and or don't follow me. Here you go... in all its filtery-phone-photography glory.

If you do go to my Instagram, disregard that I am following more people than are following me. It has been brought to my attention in a round about way that this is very shameful and I should consider "unfollowing" a couple people in order to save myself the embarrassment.

Also note that I am following my mom and she isn't following me.

PS. I woke up yet again with a backache between my shoulder blades. -__- I know this sounds complainy but I can't figure out why this has been reoccurring for the past couple weeks. Changing pillows, positions, and stretching hasn't changed anything. I feel like I can't move.

PPS. In the state between awake and asleep this morning I thought of a grand phone app I would like to make. Sleepy-Rachelle promptly made a note of it and I surprisingly remember what my thoughts were on the subject. And the note was actually somewhat cognizant which is saying something because I once found a Sleepy-Rachelle note that said and I quote, "chicken carpet" on it and I thought it was going to be next big break. This morning's idea though may make me filthy rich, and I will buy you all ponies and lifetime supplies of ice cream. You just wait!


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Peixia said...

Let the record show I only just now saw that you were following me and I am now following you. Happily I might add!

Love you,