Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beach Bonfire Adventures

Though I thoroughly washed my hair this morning, it still smells like smoke and my boogers are all ashy  (sorry about that, tmi) because we had our Chi Alpha beach bonfire. We had several new international students join us and we had the privilege to introduce them to roasting hot dogs and the art of making s'mores. (I am not a s'mores artisan as some of my friends are, I am more of a "catch-the-marshmallows-on-fire" kind of gal, I don't have the patience for perfectly toasted marshmallows. Plus I kind of like the charred flavor...don't judge me.) We played volleyball, soccer and tossed the football around (and when I say "we played" I mean I watched them play and I merely messed around with the soccer ball trying to be cool). And of course we gathered around the fire telling stories.

That's not all folks! This past quarter I connected with Joao, a Brazilian student (sadly, none of us can actually pronounce his name correctly) and Joyce, a Chinese student. To my delight they both have cameras and asked that I teach them how to use certain functions on their cameras at the bonfire. So obvi, we thought this occasion would be a perfect opportunity to test out the low-light settings on our cameras. Not only did we get great beach sunset shots but we experimented with 'bulb' and a flashlight and made "light art." (Though it doesn't have to be done with light, it can be done with smoke from a match or anything that would leave a trail when put in motion. Picasso did some amazing pictures and Sprint made a commercial once using the same process).

Without further adieu here are a few of our phun photos...

Joyce took this picture of me

My fave light pictures that I made.

My fave light picture made by Joao

Sadly, I don't have my fave light picture made by Joyce, she made the cutest face of a pig. n__n

Well, I hope your weekend has been great and that your day tomorrow is as blessed.


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