Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have no photographic evidence of this but I officially broke in my slow cooker yesterday. It was fantastic, the entire day my house was filled with the aroma of roast. Mmmm... I've made this roast before with my momma but this time it was all me. My mom said that you can not be a bona fide cook till you own and use a slow cooker...so there you have it, I'm bona fide (of course I say that with a southern twang, it's the only way to say bona fide).

In addition to the roast I made my Organic Pangea iced tea, added some lime to some water, and made cinnamon rolls (strange choice for dessert, but they just sounded so good I couldn't resist).

I obviously couldn't enjoy this all on my own so I invited a couple gals over and we celebrated Seder together over some not-so-kosher-dinner. I prepared a little lesson/message over the history of the Passover, the Seder, the Last Supper and tied it in with our communion together. And together we ate, we talked, we listened and we had communion. As I closed I got choked up, and yes, I felt dumb for getting choked up, as I always do. But it was good. It was good not because of me, the lesson I prepared or the roast but it was good because it was His message that was being told, and it was in His presence that we talked and it was His community.

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