Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pain in the Tooth

My mouth is on fire. (I'll explain). For the past couple days my wisdom tooth on the lower left side of my mouth has been making a ruckus and I think the surrounding area is infected. I haven't been able to eat much except for the ibuprofen I've been eating like its candy. I'm holding off till next Monday when I have an appointment to get an adjacent tooth extracted because it broke a couple months ago. I think that once that tooth is out of the picture, the wisdom tooth will have less to complain about and I should be fine.

Until then though I have been looking up home remedies to fix the infection/toothache and awfulness. Most of what I have read is of the same consensus to swish salt water mixed with cayenne pepper and a lot of garlic. There are also suggestions of taking garlic pills and biting down on garlic. Evidently it has antibiotic-like properties. So needless to say my mouth is on fire and it smells like garlic. Vampires beware!

Which brings me to a party idea I have had recently. I have been thinking it would be great to have a piñata party. Where your friends come over and you all make paper mâché piñatas  (or they could make them previous to the party) in the shape of whatever is stressing them out at the moment. So I would make mine into the shape of a tooth. My friend who has been fighting insurance companies for one reason or another could make her's into the shape of an insurance company logo...etc. You get the idea. Then we all get together and beat the things into smithereens.

I like this style of these piñatas

These come from thehousethatlarsbuilt blog that I absolutely love.

And we would have to eat these cookies...

I found these on notmartha blog that I frequently visit.

Well I am going to try and get some shut-eye now. 


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