Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Since the Autumn Moon Fest we have had a tailgate, 2 services, prayer meetings, an International Student Friendship (ISF) Fall party, Encounter Groups and ISF Bible Study to boot!

(Check out the Chi Alpha website to see pictures of the afore mentioned events.)

Tomorrow I will work at book table, help in the kitchen getting dinner ready for the evening, set-up my dessert table, set-up the Green Bookshelf (where we donate used and new books and trade with each other), attend service, and help serve said food following the service.

For the first three services we wanted to "surprise and delight" our students with not only dinner but special dessert tables after dinner. The first Element fellowship we had a sundae bar with 70+ topping choices. The second Element we had 900 cookies with a variety of flavors. And **Spoiler Alert! tomorrow night I am in charge of a bundt cake table. I have wrangled an amazing team of people to bake 15 bundts! I also have been working on the table decor and can't wait to see it all come together.

My inspiration for my table.
Pieces of my table decor

Here are a few of the elements from my table. Color scheme: black, white and gold. I made these little flags to label the cakes. I bought the plates at the 99 cent Store, bought the sequins for 77 cents, bought three small white pumpkins, and spray painted three small orange pumpkins gold and I have one squash to throw in the mix. I also made a triangle flag sash thing for the front of the table (made of paper, ribbon and tape) that I couldn't fit in this picture so you will have to see it later when the table is up.

So let's hope it all comes together! I will hopefully get a picture of it once it's all set up and you can see the finished product. If it turns out looking bad I won't post the end product pictures though haha.

Hope all is well with you my loves.


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