Friday, September 21, 2012


There comes a time in every car-human relationship when you have to say goodbye for one reason or another. Today was just that day with me and Phaedrus. A couple days ago he started to leak green and brown substances. It turns out that he needed a new radiator and oil tank. With labor and the repairs to just get him to driving status would cost $900+, which was more than I was willing to pay since there were also other troubles I would eventually need to get fixed.

So this morning I went to the car place they were holding him, and I cleared out all my belongings, signed over the title and said goodbye.

There are some benefits and some definite drawbacks to not having a car.

-I don't have to worry about gas and maintenance anymore
-I no longer have to search for parking or worry about street sweeping

-I will be at the mercy of everyone else driving me
-I will have to figure out how to use public transportation and have to deal with the problems associated with that (such as their unreliability to come to their posts on time)
-In general I have less freedom and can't just pick up and go anywhere

I am in search of a new car (not brand new, but new to me). Not sure when I will be able to get a new car, but until then perhaps I will get a bike? I've wanted one for sometime anyways, so maybe I will find one I can afford that will get me places.

One thing that stinks about my car getting messed up now, is that school starts up this next week and I will need to go to a lot of places this week. Thankfully I have great friends in my life who have offered to lend me a hand in this.

Thank G-d for family and friends!

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