Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My to do list

It has come to my attention that my trip to Haiti is around the corner (as in less than a week) and I have SO much to do. It seems counterintuitive to be on my blog right now but actually I plan to use it as a sort of check list to sort through my thoughts and figure out what all I need to accomplish before I go.

Talk to boss about Kansas trip- Check!
Book flights on Priceline for Kansas trip- Check!
Pay student loan- Check!
Buy bridesmaid dress- Check!
Exercise (for once in the last month or so)- Check!
Talk to friends and family before leaving for Haiti- Half Check!
Work on/finish promotions for next year's products- About to do
Work on/ try to finish web design- About to do
Work on quarterly newsletter- Need to do in the next few days or so
Buy odds and ends before Haiti trip- Need to do in the next few days or so
Flesh out messages for Haiti- Throughout the next few days
Pack for Haiti- Do this weekend
Run a 5k- Do this Saturday
Work at Coffee Bean- Do Thursday-Saturday
Sleep- Do during nights Tuesday-Sunday

Okay, I feel a bit better now that I have this all written out and not just floating around in my mind. Now I just need to buckle down for the next 48 hours and get things going. Talk to you later.

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