Friday, June 3, 2011

Its Official

I am completely moved in. It has only taken me 9+ months, but I did it. Well technically my friends did it. Today while I was out, they moved my couch from being stored in my friends' garage to my living room (thanks friends). I mean I have like a box of random odds and ends but I may never actually use those things because we already have duplicates such as the iron and so forth which my roommate has provided. So it is in storage but for an entirely different reason. Regardless, I'm moved in. I may share pictures later.

This reminds me of the scene in The Incredibles when Elastigirl is telling Mr Incredible that they are officially moved in 3 years after they moved in because she just unpacked that last box. It may be a kids' movie, but I like it all the same.

On a different note, I bought a loom the other day. A beading loom. I know I know, judge me if you will. One second I am looming beaded bracelets and spend short bits of free time cruising the isles at Joann Craft and the next second I will be crocheting toilet paper covers to resemble a dress and shove an off-brand barbie through the hole of the toilet paper and make dolls to cover every day appliances such as a vacuum or aprons on dish soap (see pictures below for reference). Don't worry though, I am very self-aware and realize I am walking a fine line between creative and wacky-denim-dress-clad-middle-aged-crafter. Really I am just cheap, I see expensive things at stores and online and I think, "I could make that" and then I make my own version of whatever I like. That's why I got into knitting, beading and a number of other things.

If the bracelets turn out nice-ish I will take pictures... if they don't, just forget I said anything. I'm going to bed now.

PS Those pictures are not fictional, I have seen these things with my own eyes. They are meant to make things "fancy" I guess.


Jen said...

I think these pictures were stolen directly from childhood. my grandmother would approve.

Lorraine Edwards said...

Just telling my friend yesterday how hilarious we thought it was that my sister in law had a little apron on her bottle of dish detergent. We teased her unmercifully. My friend had never heard of this little craft project, so now I have a picture to show her. Thanks!

shirley smith said...

hey where can i get the pattern for the doll and tissue cover,these are so adorable :)