Thursday, April 7, 2011

Woman, Woah Man! Wooooah Man! She was a thief you've got to believe...

Since I have moved to LA I haven't really delved into the art scene just yet. I feel like I need an in somehow, someone to show me the ropes. Someone like my high school photography teacher, Jones, who knew all the ins and outs of all the galleries, museums and exhibitions. During the first quarter here I was introduced to the LACMA and the Getty Villa by a friend but he has since moved to Italy and is learning about the masters of art in Roma (very jealous).

Needless to say I am jonesing for First Fridays, galleries and the like. I'm not just craving the visual arts but arts in general.

This was my train of thought to curb some of my art hunger pangs:

I should have a house show! > Wait, I don't know any local musicians. > My half pint home can only hold a handful of people. > Poop. > Need a smaller group of people. > I should have a night of spoken word. > That would cut down the crowd considerably. > I could make snacks and appetizers! > We could share our favorite poems or even debut our own poems. > I can make invites!

After mentioning it to a couple friends they were excited and suggested we include short stories to the mix and possibly do it picnic style.

So break out your turtle necks, your berets, your djembe, and upright bass because we are having a night of spoken word! If you need a point of reference just watch So I Married An Axe Murderer or that one scene in Funny Face.

Oddly enough, I just found out that April is Poetry Month so I am really going to try and plan this night sometime this month. So hopefully this won't turn into yet another outing that never comes to be.

This post seems super current event-y, sorry about that. Though since I am already on the subject of current events, I find it fitting to add that I have recently gotten a second job, at Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf, which I am very stoked about. Also another event coming up, I will be going to KC for the weekend to celebrate my gpa's 80th birthday and see my beautiful little niece, Remy for the first time. (Expect pictures.)

Now if I really wanted to make this post go full circle I could make a poem about Coffee Bean or something. Though I will leave the writing to the real wordsmiths out there and share this instead.

This is interesting too.

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jori said...

This sounds amazing. I am extremely jealous of anyone who may attend. I also now need to re-watch Axe Murderer.