Friday, October 8, 2010

10.08.10 ( I couldn't think of a better title)

I started my day off right. Little prayer time/ devotions. Follow that up with a bowl (or two...whatev) of cinnamon Life cereal, reading, pilates and then lunch.

Italian wedding soup (yes, it is from a can, don't judge.) plus a provolone and mozzarella grilled cheese and some dried apricots for dessert.

Here is a close up of one of the most delicious grilled cheeses I have made to date. (Saying grilled cheese in the plural form makes me think of this past Glee sode.)

Later tonight we will cook chili in preparation for our Chi Alpha tailgate tomorrow. Then we will spend the evening with students at our movie night and dinner.

Oh and this is completely irrelevant but my roommate found these shoes at a thrift store to sell on Ebay and gave them to me once we found they fit. They are all leather and were evidently made in Italy (fancy).

PS I have been looking at a lot of decorating tips for ideas for when I move into my lovely guest house in the back. I want to figure out how to make my own Morrocan Pouf as seen in this picture.

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