Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to LA (in slow dramatic voice)

Where to begin? I let too much time go between my last post and now, so now I feel like I should do an update post. So sorry if this is boring. I will jazz it up with some pictures.

Basically Saturday, September 11th we took off from Kansas City at 4am towards Los Angeles. We drove through Saturday stopping briefly in Miami, Oklahoma to pick up furniture for Winston and Kimi. We took advantage of the detour and visited Jori in OKC.

(This is the lunch we had with Jori, next to my glorious hanukkah presents!)

We finished the night in Tucamcari, New Mexico. Sunday we drove to Arizona and unsuccessfully saw the Grand Canyon (maybe more on that shameful story later). Monday we finished our journey in Los Angeles. Thanks to the help of Mitch, Sara, Jessica, Hannah and my mom, we were able to unpack the Uhaul. Dropped off the Uhaul the next morning (thank goodness, it was so stressful driving such a large vehicle on busy semi narrow streets that we were unfamiliar with).

I swear Ikea is a toy store for grown ups. Spent Tuesday in Ikea with my mom where we picked out last minute things that will be needed once I am on my own. Jumped over to Five Guys burgers and fries, which was truly delicious. Oh and Tuesday I was able to tour my future home and I am so so excited to move in!

(This was taken with my crummy point-and-shoot, so it looked actually appetizing in person.)

Wednesday we spent the day at Disney Land as an early birthday for Hannah. Favorite moment of the day was sitting next to Hannah on her first roller coaster. A-dor-able! Topped the night off at Winston's for Rebekah's birthday party.

Thursday we had lunch with Winston and then took a little trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some knick knacks. Pretty interesting experience, 3 levels and has a special escalator for shopping carts next to the normal escalators (like Ikea). Then we froze at Venice Beach. It has been surprisingly cold while we have been here.

Friday we had our big Chi Alpha meeting which marks the start of my ministry here in SoCal. Today I said goodbye to Hannah and my momma. Well not goodbye but see you later. We have had a good time together during our road trip and mini-vacation. Though today was sad none the less. Thanks mom for moving me down here and for everything! Love you!

PS While at Disney, I almost ran into one of the Jonas brothers and finally got a picture of him later by the shooting range. I have never felt like such a paparazzi jerk in my life.


Jori said...

Hahah buse's.

I'm glad you got to stop by on your way through... Remember how we used to say stuff was like sandwiches? Hopefully you do, because I'm not proud of why we said it and don't want to publicly explain. But your visit was definitely like a sandwich. To the max.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

hahaha I do remember referring to things as sandwiches haha. I have been wracking my brain trying to remember the reference behind saying "what do you think I am? Liquid?" I remember I got it from something on television, but can't remember what it meant.

Peixia said...

It was a joy to get to spend this time with you, Visit with Kimi's parents, have lunch with Jori, (Thanks again Jori!) the wonderful journey to the grand canyon, Disney land through Hannah's eyes and to get to meet the people you will be living and working with. I had a blast at the toy store with you I mean Ikea, Target and the weird Walmart too. Have you tried your TV out yet? The things I didn't like were driving that dumb u-haul and trailer around the confusing streets of LA and walking into the airport and watching you drive away. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! I love you and miss you more each day!