Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello Goodbye

This week has been a week of goodbyes. Next week will be a week of hellos. Transitioning from one to the other is definitely a bittersweet ordeal.

Thursday I said goodbye to my lovely ladies in our twentysomethings ministry. We went to my favorite Thai place, Lulu's Thai Noodles (referred to in the previous post).

Friday was my last day working at Overland Park First Assembly of God. I have gone there every day for ministry school and work for the past 4 years. That will definitely be a change of pace.

Friday night I went to Santa Cali-Gon Days in Independence, MO with my brother and my sister-in-law in lieu of First Fridays. The night was rife with mullets, stone washed jeans and feasting. We started off with "gator on a stick," which was a bad idea and we needed something immediately to mask the gamey/fishy aftertaste. So naturally we gravitated to the turkey legs, followed that with peach cobbler, potato skins, cream soda and root beer (in cool sealable glass bottles), and then topped it all off with funnel cake. We strangely at random ran into my dad and stepmom out thousands and thousands of people.Oh and I think I would be amiss to leave out that I saw my first live "flashing" on Friday. A woman in her mid 50's ( I would guess) was standing on bleachers whilst listening to live country music and was wearing a majestic tie-dye animal tee that had been cut into "tassles" all around the bottom (from rib cage down) with beads on each tassle, which exposed a rather "plump" muffin top over hip hugger jeans. Jeff directed my dad's and my attention towards the woman and at the exact same moment that we turned to look she lifted her shirt and flashed everyone. Needless to say I was rather in shock and could not believe what had happened had happened. Then I heard someone say "Welcome to Independence." Wow.

Vivian won me this MJ picture for my future apartment!

Bright and early Saturday morning, my mom and I headed out to the River City Market where I bought more spices (coriander, tandoori, whole nutmeg, garlic powder, dry basil, garmasala, and bay leaves). My mom also bought me two ceramic jars to hold sugar and flour from the Asian market, they will fit in perfectly with the dishes I am getting from my sister-in-law. While at the market we met my mom's cousin for lunch at Bo Lings.

While at Bo Lings, I received a text from my friend Angela who was in town from LA. So I showed her around the market a bit and then we went to Half of Half. Which was quite a trip. haha

I finished the night off with a Bon Voyage party at my Gma and Gpa Hamilton's home. There was a plethora of good eats, from KC barbeque ribs to fruit salad... so good. There were mini speeches, gifts, memories shared, and games. We played Apples to Apples... ahem...I may or may not have been the "official" winner. Oh and we launched water balloons at the gazebo down the street with a three-person slingshot.

This morning was my last service at OPAG, it was a very special service and I am glad I was able to have communion with everyone today. Everyone gathered around me and prayed for traveling mercies. What an amazing church I have been a part of. I felt surrounded by love, support and encouragement.

All in all I have had some great times these past few days, sad at times, but great. Thanks to all who made it so wonderful.

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