Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yesterday my Gma took me out to my second favorite restaurant in the KC area. In case you are in KC or will be visiting KC, here is a list of my top favorite restaurants here. (They are my favorites for not only amazing food but ambiance/atmosphere as well.)

1. Lulu's Thai Noodles
Thai food in a cool urban style building. I love their panang curry, chicken satay, and pad thai tofu.
2. Andre's
This is a Swiss Confiserie. They have changing daily specials though always have the option of a quiche lorain. Their desserts are to die for (ie rum diamond or napoleons) and their mango tea is killer.
3. Korma Sutra
This is an Indian cuisine restaraunt, with the option of a buffet at certain times of the day. I love love love their Gosht korma, naan and mango lassi.
4. Arthur Bryants
This is one of KC's finest barbeque spots. I like the burnt ends and fries.
5. Cupini's
Cupini's makes amazing fresh pasta every day from scratch. Their spicy mozzarella balls will put hair on your chest, their stuffed pasta will put inches on your waist and their desserts will put love in your heart. P.S. They were featured on Food Network.
6. Jerusalem Cafe
They serve some of the best middle eastern food you can find. I go for their hummus and pitas, gyro sandwich and top it off with some of their glorious baklava.

This is what I had at Andre's yesterday (Note- I only had my crummy point-and-shoot with me):

Quiche loraine, cold green bean salad, tomato salad, freshly baked dinner roll and a mango tea.

I had the lemon and white cake covered in a textured fondant.

If I had to marry a dessert, I would go to Andre's as a dating service, you can't go wrong there.

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Jori said...

Don't worry; I will never forget how much I owe you for introducing me to Lulu's. Probably an unrepayable debt. But still.
ALSO- the guy that works at Korma Sutra (or one of them... he's an old guy) is kind of off the charts when it comes to liquefying cuteness. You probably know this.