Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mum's the ford

Saturday I went to a show at a coffeehouse in Grandview. I really liked the venue, it was a split level, loft style with red painted wood floors.

I love wood floors, I especially like painted wood floors though I think I would only paint my wood floors if they were in kind of bad condition. I even like it when the paint is worn down and is in just the wood grain and in the cracks. Beautiful. I would probably consider painting my wood floors in my imaginary house that I don't own...white, black, red or possibly kelly green.

Also another cool part about the venue is that it shares a building with the Exodus Cry , an organization committed to bringing notice to and ending human trafficking and modern day slavery. I don't know much about the organization itself but their building looked interesting none the less. I really wish they were open while I was there so I could look at their products and information.

Aside from all of this I was also introduced to Mumford and Sons music (one of the musicians covered one of their songs). The cinematography of their videos is gorgeous and their sound is unique. So I will leave you with these videos of theirs.

P.S. I think I am in love with Marcus Mumford, oh and I think the older Indian gentleman in the first video (the music video) looks like and Indian version of Chevy Chase.

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