Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hi May I Help You?

My shoulders, glutes (also known as my butt) and upper back muscles in general are so sore. Yesterday a group of about 20 youth and youth sponsors met up at the plaza and played ultimate frisbee for a couple of hours. It was really fun and I surprisingly caught quite a few shots (though I missed my fair share, but I was excited none the less).

My arm muscles are so weak to begin with. Sometimes my arm gets tired holding my phone to my ear and don't even get me started with the hair dryer. Though I don't think my arms and shoulders would hurt so bad if I hadn't played basketball on Thursday (correction, I lied, I didn't play an actual game of basketball I just played 7up and did free throw challenges). We took several students on a Tour De KC on Thursday.

Our tour started off at the Sprint Center at the "College Basketball Experience" where they have a full court, and several caged off challenges (such as dunking, free throws...etc.) , information on college basketball and an area where you can measure up your height, wingspan, foot size to those of college ball players.

We followed that up with KC barbeque. We stood in line at the illustrious Arthur Bryants but we would have stood in line for at least an hour (yes, their food is so good that they have that long of a line) so we went to Gates instead. This spurred a blog challenge for Ruthie and I. We are making a list of about 10 restaurants that are unique to KC, we will visit each one and try what they are best known for and then we we'll blog on them. First up: Gates (obviously)

First off in your Gates experience they will either yell or just say in a loud voice "Hi may I help you?" and they expect you to know exactly what you want. I ordered the burnt ends and fries with a peach tea (and yes I am starting to like tea, just iced tea but it is a start.) Ruthie's receipt randomly had a star printed on it which meant she was awarded with $5 which was cool. The portion sizes are huge, which meant I had loads of left overs for lunch the next day though my fries weren't that great reheated. I loved my burnt ends though and the sauce wasn't too spicy for a woos like me. I can see why Gates is so esteemed in KC.

After Gates we walked around the Plaza where I ended up making this video at the Mac store. I thought it would be funny to make a video of me with a distorted face doing nothing for a long time and then leave it for someone else to find. I started to laugh at the end so I had to end it sooner than I wanted to.

I will tell you about my friends' show last night some other time.


Jori said...

I ALWAYS check your blog long before Facebook in my internet rounds. Thus, I always miss your warnings of pictures.
Oh well. I mainly just feel bad. Like how when we made notes packages for Spring Break, and if we read a note before its scheduled day, we'd have to face the Punishment Note (which in my case, courtesy of you, was Russell Crowe with a mullet). I feel like there should be some punishment photography for me to have to endure, since I keep accidentally looking at your pictures before they've been officially Revealed. I'll just go look at Anne Geddes for penance.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

I feel like a jerk for putting them up. Though on facebook I was asked by several people to put their pictures up and out of obligation felt that I should. In regards to my blog...I have tried to put up things from the internet or to leave out all pictures together but I feel that my writing isn't good enough or interesting enough to just have writing, therefore I incorporate photos. I have purposely put less photos on my blog though so I have some to actually reveal later on. All of this to say, sorry I am a jerk.