Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well that's just cute.

Okay so I thought I would make a post of cute/ clever/ fun little things that I have accumulating on my computer. Let me begin by defining things I find adorable: small fluffy animals, grandpas, things grandpas do like picking out outfits, and miniature things. So basically this post will include animals and miniatures and just sheer clever things I like. (Don't judge me for this post)

Starting off with Sharon Montrose's photography. Love. Generally speaking I am not much of a lover of animal photography, I am kind of indifferent. But this is great.

Then moving down to this awesome Yeti Cake... Julia ,a friend from high school, didn't want to waste a crumbled bunt cake and got creative. It is all in the presentation.

For some reason I like miniature things.

I found this on a blog that I can no longer find. hmm.

Jessica Hiavac makes miniature foods made of molding clay stuff.

Get it? Teashirt bags. bahaha I like them so much I would contemplate drinking tea. (Which by the way I have been trying to drink tea lately. I will share pictures later.)

Then of course there is the tiny ginger bread house coffee mugs I shared before.

I was going to include things form this site, but then I thought I would just link it for you so you could see for yourself. It seems to be a lot of fun novelty things. Which evidently I am a sucker for.

Last but not least, there is obviously nothing as adorable as sleepy meerkats.


Ashley said...

that is ALL soooo adorable!!! Oh my gosh. Love the meekrats :)

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

I know right? Haha I hadn't really thought about just how cute meerkats are until I watched "Life" on Discovery. Aw, it was great.