Monday, April 5, 2010

Waldorf Astoria

So I actually made a completely different blog post earlier about cute stuff. Literally. Then I decided to post that later on and to tell you about my weekend instead. I already told you about Thursday being our Passover Dinner and how some friends and I went to First Friday, though my weekend didn't end there.

Saturday I spent a lazy day going to Second Chance Thrift Store off of Troost (don't worry I wasn't alone.) Then we went to the magical Blackwell Thrift, where everything is not sorted by product by rather by color. Aw, it's wonderful. Rows of clear glass followed by rows of blue glass then amber and then silver. Ceramics, glasses, utensils, skillets, mincers, jewelry and much more. Oh and did I mention there is a room of mirrors and a picture room with cigar boxes. After my seizure of excitement we decided to walk around the plaza which was amazing considering the weather was gorge.

That evening a group of friends (almost all the same people as First Friday) went to a free Queens Club and Max Justus show. We were a bit early so we ventured over to Tea Drops where I had an amazing Peach Boba Lassi.

I didn't take any pictures at the Queen's Club show.

Sunday was Resurrection Sunday. We had an awesome service and had communion, which was perfect. Went to Gma and Gpa Hamilton's for Easter Dinner which I took pictures of using Gpa's camera but he hasn't gotten them to me. Then I had Easter Dinner with my Momma and the other side of my family. I also took pictures of this dinner but had to use the flash which made everything look wonky. So much good food in just one day. Turkey, honey glazed ham, green rice, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes x 2, marinated asparagus, rolls x 2, green bean casserole, baked pineapple, olives, German chocolate cake, turtle pie (caramel and chocolate)...etc. Let's not even mention all the Easter candy. Mmm. Okay now I feel like a fatty. I exercise... sometimes... shut up, don't judge. I followed all the eating with watching the Bourne trilogy which I hadn't seen all of, it was awesome seeing them all back to back.

All of that leads me to today. I had an 8AM meeting at Shawnee Mission Park following a ginormous thunderstorm with hail and all. We walked the 5k course for logistical purposes like seeing where to put mile markers and such. (See I do exercise.) I am thinking this will be a great fundraiser and I really hope a lot of people get involved. So if you want to run a 5k or bike a 10k for a good cause on May 1st, let me know. I have been wracking my brain all day trying to think of more fundraisers I can do. I have a missions trip to Haiti in June (22nd or 24th-ish to July 7th-ish) and a 2 year internship as a missionary associate to UCLA Chi Alpha to raise money for.

Here is what I have thus far:
-Mayday Run (Haiti)
-Sell Cook books (Chi Alpha)
-Sell Photography/ Postcards at an art venue and/or coffeehouse (Haiti or Chi Alpha)
-See if friends may be willing to do a benefit show (Haiti or Chi Alpha)
-Free Throw-Athon (Haiti or Chi Alpha)

I don't know, I am trying to think of things that would cost me a minimal amount that would be fun or beneficial to others. So any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated!

After Shawnee Mission Park I went to Gma and Gpa Hamilton's to learn more recipes. We made a raspberry vinaigrette, candied pecans, baked a Waldorf Astoria Cake and made wonton stars. The vinaigrette and candied pecans are for a salad next week.

(note: this is only the bottom layer of the cake as I was starting to ice it)

As always if you would like any of the recipes for these things I will be glad to give them to you or you can buy one of my cook books. Oh, and my Gma and I are aiming to have the cook book finished by the first week of May.

As the cake was baking I decided to take pictures of my Gpa's garden which I find to be adorable and should really be in the Cute things post but I will just put them here for time succession purposes.

Sorry if I bore you with my day-to-day babble. I promise I will post something different sometime soon. Like cute stuff. Hopefully the pictures help to make it a bit more bearable.

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Jori said...

I REALLY wish I could do your 5k. I have been planning on it this whole time... I was even wanting to register under an alias or something and then just show up the day of(though I don't know how I would have done that stealthily). I have to be in OKC for that Saturday though, and this KILLS me. WHY do we taunt ourselves with thoughts of teleportation?