Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14th

I am a day behind. Though I was going nonstop yesterday. Yesterday was a significant day.

For starters, it was SARS' birthday. (She kept flinching each time I released the shutter. So she squinted her eyes in each shot.)

Also yesterday marked a new year in China, the year of the tiger. (I'm a tiger so it was even cooler)
Group shot in the Chinese restaurant, waiting to be seated.

Hannah in her full Tiger garb.

Haha I thought I was fully in this shot. Though I like it because of the colors.

I usually make something to commemorate Chinese New Year, but I was unable to do so yesterday. So just stay tuned.

Yesterday was also Valentine's day.

I love Valentine's day. I always have. I love making the Valentines, and the Valentine boxes that people are supposed to drop their Valentines in. I usually make Valentines but I also was unable to do so this year. I might make belated ones. Not entirely sure. Perhaps I will just make the Chinese New Year picture a Valentine as well. I don't know. Even though I have never had a significant other on Valentine's day, I have never been angry or bitter. I think it will just make Valentine's day with my future honey that much more sweet. Je ne sais pas. Though to celebrate VDay this year I dressed up in a western costume and went to a Murder Mystery which was great. I also took my mom to the KC Symphony on the 13th, which was fantastic!

Due to the fact that I am a day behind, tomorrow or some other time this week I will have to share with you what I did today. I have made Mondays (my day off) into a cooking-with-Grandma day. She used to take culinary classes and has been teaching me to cook. Today we made apple dumplings, baked sweet potato, salad and glazed apple pork chops. So stay tuned for food posts! Here is just a glimpse of what to look forward to:

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