Monday, September 29, 2008


I watched my cousin Carey today. She was walking around with a baby doll dangling by its neck tucked under her arm. I asked her what its name was (My default question for any child carrying anything. I like to hear what they think is a suitable name for whatever object they are carrying). Her response was "Tammy." I found this humorous, not only because she said it so plainly and in a matter of fact way but mainly because I think of Tammy as being a name straight out of the 80's (no offense if you like or if your name is Tammy). Being that my cousin was born just 4 years ago, (which is mind boggling in itself that a person born in 2004 could be walking, talking and naming things...because 2004 seems like it was this morning) it is just funny that she picked that name.

I don't know why but 1998 and 1999 seems to have happened yesterday to me. So when I say that my car is a 1994 Honda Accord I feel like I just drove it off the lot and I say it with almost a bit of pride. Then I notice the half smirk of humor and bewilderment on the person's face and realize that my car is ancient. I also find it shocking to see teenagers who were born in 1993. I figure they should be just starting to crawl and pull up on furniture to keep themselves standing and balanced. When I found out that the practically 9 foot Brazilian was born in 1994, I felt like a pedophile for thinking he was handsome.

I feel like the 90's must have been my glory years or something, that I use them as a backdrop and reference to everything (like uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite or something). "Oh, yeah I remember that, that happened in '96!" or "No, they didn't even come out with that till 98'" You can always tell the people who had the 80's as their mental reference point...I know a certain person who has had the same hair cut since she was in 10th grade and is now in her early 40's. I think she has the mentality that if it looked good then, then it should always look good. My response: not exactly.

The strangest part of me using the 90's as a reference point...I was born in 1986. I was 4 years old in 1990. I guess it is more sad than strange. That my peak years as a human being must have been as a child and it is all down hill from there. Sick.

WORD OF THE DAY: obfuscation

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