Sunday, September 21, 2008

snapshots and D-R-A-M-A

Dear Drama,
I am done with you. Actually I never formally invited you in my life, you just seem to sneak and weasel yourself in unwelcomed. Stop coming around. I don't want to see even the slightest hint of you ever again. It is hard though because you seem to attach yourself to so many of my loved ones and it is not fair. I think I will be filing a restriction order on you if your stalking habits persist. I bid you adieu.

Okay I just had to get that out there and clear the water. sheesh.

This past weekend has been great. I have been at a youth retreat to the Lake of the Ozarks, which I believe the lake is actually 90% urine, 9% fish matter, .5% saliva and .5% water...sick. So I pretty much just enjoyed the murky green water from a distance. I was not the only one who was excited that I was at the Lake this weekend...1 billion mosquitoes also enjoyed my presence and 1 million ticks as well. Normally I would see myself as a person who enjoys nature and believes that insects and all of our smaller living creatures deserve a chance to a long lasting beautiful life. Though when said creatures are on me or my personal belongings, I tend to have a slight change of heart. Aside from the insects feasting on my legs, my painful sunburn and avoiding ticks at a constant rate, I truly loved this weekend and wished I could have extended it longer.

I was able to spend time with amazing people, and revitalize friendships that had been slightly neglected. I was reintroduced to my love for vanilla pudding, Frisbee, group devotions/ quiet time with G-d and sleep (which I did not get a lot of, but my lack of sleep made me realize how much I love it). I was also able to read a book this weekend and start another.

Here are some snapshots from the weekend.
Just a few of them-


Ruth and Clayton-

Spider eating his dinner-

Steve, an alien egg I found in the wilderness that I suspect either gives you cancer or cures it, I have yet to find out.


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