Monday, October 28, 2013

Breaking Bad

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I am addicted to roasted pumpkin seeds. I have been clean for about 3 hours now. It all started after the International Student Friendship Fall Party, I collected hundreds of pumpkin seeds with some friends enablers. I ended up with so much that I made four batches with different flavor combinations. I still haven't figured out the best way to store them though because they lose their roasted crispness if you store them in a closed container but I don't want to leave them uncovered.

Word to the wise: If you eat pumpkin seeds nonstop for 2 hours straight, you may or may not run into "stomach issues" for several days following. I have no idea why I know that.

I've never really had a problem with coffee addiction but whilst I was without internet I became dependent on coffee places for free wifi, and meanwhile made a slight attachment to coffee. Which is funny because I used to work at coffee places and I drink more coffee now than I did back then. I have moved to homemade ice coffees though. I know I have posted about my Vietnamese coffee filter before but it is worthy of note.

Mason jars, not trying to be hipster, its just that you can see through the glass better for the pictures than my other cobalt blue glasses.

Step 1: sweetened condensed milk and filter prepped with coffee

Step 2: place filter on top of glass and pour hot water over filter

Step 3: once filter is empty of hot water, mix coffee and milk and add ice

Step 4: enjoy

Too good!

I am weening myself off of coffee and plan on drinking more tea instead. I don't like having headaches when I forego caffeine so I will go from black tea to green tea then to herbal. My addiction to pumpkin seeds is under check because of the "fiber-factor"

I know, I still need to talk to you about refurbishing my chair and moving into my new place. I need to talk about so so many things. This week seems pretty packed and is mildly overwhelming when I think about it, so I will see how far I get. Until then, I hope you are doing well.


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