Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Day...

My last day of being a 25 year old really hasn't been too shabby (Do I like that word? Meh.) Today wasn't full of parties and last minute 25-year-old-flings, but rather lackadaisically sipping on homemade cherry limeades, hanging out with the cat and my family and watching a movie with my dad. So so grand. And my momma bought me a dress and a skirt. Okay, well the next time we talk I will be 26. O_O

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Jori said...

1. I have been loving your updates. All of them. Contrary to what your earlier post presumes, none of them are selfish and all of them are entertaining and worthy reads- seriously. I visit your site to hear what is up with you, see your take on your goings-on (among other reasons, like to be awed by your photography). I hope it all continues.
2. I feel like a horrible friend because I am now behind on both your 2011 Christmas gift (still on my bookshelf) and your birthday gift. I am sorry.
3. Happy birthday to you!