Monday, February 21, 2011

My Rockabilly Weekend

There was an unintentional theme to my weekend. It all started Friday night at our International Student Friendship pot-luck that we held at my home and my friends' home next door. We introduced the students to an all-American movie, Rebel Without A Cause. James Dean (ahem... heart throb) plays a rebel teen who is in a rift with a gang of other rebel teens. The movie is rife with pompadours, shiv fights, cigarettes and denim jeans coupled with members only jackets.

The theme was continued Saturday night when we celebrated my friend's 30th at a roller derby event (Is it called an event? Or maybe a game? What have you.) Evidently a roller derby is like the unspoken casting call to all those associated with the rockabilly style. One of the girls I saw literally had an alligator tattooed across her thigh, which I could see through her fishnet stockings. We were surrounded by short shorts, blunt banged and red lipstick clad girls (very pin-up-esque), tattoos and a variety of hosiery.

After having a conversation with a couple of my friends about our appreciation of the rockabilly style we decided to try giving my friend, Adam a pompadour on Sunday. Since he was blessed with hair that is thicker than a shag carpet circa the 1960's, we used every hair product in our combined arsenal. See photos below. The first shot was taken as we were starting to slather his hair with product. The second shots were taken once his hair was completely shellacked and coifed *note: the photos do not give full glory to what his pompadour actually looked like in the end. He went directly to work after we finished, where he ran into Demi Moore, who was undoubtedly impressed with our handy work and is probably contemplating leaving Ashton this very minute.

PS Unrelated but my glass, whistling stovetop kettle came in the mail the other day! I am so so excited, and yes, I am aware that it is slightly reminiscent of a McDonald's coffee carafe.

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