Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Room Evolution

In the beginning there was an all pink (with the exception of the dark green carpet) little room.

The little room was then painted a pretty sea breeze blue with bright white trim and ceiling.

Then furniture was moved in the little room after carpet was installed.

Then the furniture was configured to maximize space.

Room evolutions are seldom fully mutated but I do believe it will stay as is for some time. I just thought I would give you a progress report on my lovely humble abode.

Here are a couple other views of the room.

The closet is of modest size so the top shelf is rather packed. Don't judge.

1 comment:

Jori said...

1. I didn't know they actually had EVERYTHING (including ceilings) pink. Huh. It baffles me that you'd want to stray from that color scheme, but... suit yourself.

2. Your room is perfect. It would stress me out to have to use that calendar though, because I would want it to last forever. It goes perfectly in your room, which seems like a hidden cove or something, which makes me love it even more.