Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Haitian Tale

Once upon a time a Rachelle got on a plane in Kansas.

Then she got on another plane and flew for hours.

After landing, meeting up with her friends and spending the night in Miami she got on another plane and arrived in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

When coming out of the airport Rachelle and her team of friends had to fight against heat, traffic and hustlers. Along the lengthy drive to Fond Doux, Haiti, they saw many interesting and sad things.

Finally after such a long journey in a Japanese Sanrio bus they were all reunited with their Haitian family.

The next couple of weeks were brimming with exciting games, services, ministry and down time.

Such as:
Soccer World Cup games

Beach Day

Special Dinners

A special youth service

Bingo Night

They also had dance nights, movie nights, competitions, community outreaches, clothing and food handouts, and late night card games, amongst other things.

One day Rachelle was able to take a bike ride with a group of friends to a church in order to set up a special service and to see about quake relief. After the meeting they rode to where the road ends. It was quite a beautiful and amazing adventure. Especially since some of the bikes lacked brakes, gears (or constantly switched gears if it had them) and one of the bike's had a broken chain. And it was raining.

After many days and nights of glorious time spent with her Haitian family it was time for Rachelle and all her team of friends to say goodbye.

It was a sad day, but in the midst of sadness there was still the hope of next time that lingered in the air.

And so the journey continues.

Thanks to all of you that made this trip so amazing, also praise G-d for his traveling mercies, protection and provisions!

P.S. I hate writing in third person.

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Jori said...

I still feel guilty for looking at these pictures in direct violation of pre-Reveal Day code.
But they are kind of worth the guilt because this post is so good.
And that last sentence makes me feel like middle aged women in commercials for weight-loss desserts. Sorry.