Monday, June 14, 2010

1 day

Tomorrow is D day. I will officially be heading out towards Haiti. I won't actually be in Haiti until Thursday though because I have a layover in Miami over night. Luckily this time I will be staying in a hotel unlike last June when Alicia and I stayed in the airport over night (I don't advise that for anyone, ever, worst night ever.)

I am packed and ready to go. I feel that I am forgetting something. Obviously I don't know what that is. I just feel that once I get there I will have this "Ah ha" moment and it will put me in some sort of predicament or I will have to rely on someone else. So I am hoping it is just my overly paranoid personality taking over again, instead of reality. I have these stupid little reminder notes all over reminding me to grab things that I can't pack yet because I will use them in the morning like my cell phone that is charging and face wash. I stick everything I can't pack yet in very prominent areas too and by other things I don't think I will forget. Little piles of this and that can be found around my room as if the Easter Bunny paid a visit but instead of traces of chocolate eggs and jellybeans you'll find a pile of pills I left out for tomorrow morning or batteries that I haven't determined what to do with yet. Being the OCD person that I am, I feel overwhelmed by the clutter of everything but also calmed at the safety net that they are, that I won't forget them.

I dropped by my Gma and Gpa's today since I haven't seen them for a couple weeks for various reasons. I was also able to spend time with my cousin today as she is in town and I will miss her for the remaining duration of her time here in KC. I just got home from Target where I ran into a childhood friend of mine, that I have known since I was a baby. Today has been a real great day to catch up with people and see what is going on in their lives. Which makes me think of "Tuesdays with Morrie" which I have started to read as of yesterday. I am really enjoying the book and it is quite a quick read (I just jinxed myself I am sure, it is now going to be the most laborious book to read now. Shoot.)

While I was visiting with my cousin she gave me a couple ideas for games and clapping games to play with the kids in Haiti. I hope they like them but that they don't like them too much and everyone else will hate me for teaching the games to them. We will just have to see.

Well I am going to go because I have to go check on my last minute laundry.

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