Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Word on the Street

I thought I would highlight some artists for this post. The general "theme" would be urban or "street art." I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.

Brodie is a self taught photographer who portrays a street culture made up of people who choose the vagabond lifestyle. In order to record their lives he abandoned the comforts of a home and joined them. His connection with people is raw and in the midst of the chaotic life on the streets he captures the intrinsic beauty of humanity.

Is a street artist, whose work is predominately found in but not limited to London. Banksy uses his detailed stencils to create politically and socially charged satirical messages. Several "pieces" include rats, London police officers or small children playing with hazardous objects.

Is a graphic artist who first became famous for his work with skateboarding companies, though he is probably better known as the artist behind Obama's HOPE campaign. He works in several mediums such as screen printing, stencils, and paint. I believe he is a modern day pop culture artist in his own right. His work has a retro appeal in style as well as in its message as it is reminiscent of old propaganda posters.

I wouldn't be a true Kansas Citian if I did not mention Scribe, whose graffiti is ubiquitous in Kansas City. There is great story and character development in each piece. It is whimsical and opens the doorway to imagination all while oozing talent and in some ways sophistication.

Going along with the theme of "street art" I will leave you with this great little video. Love love love

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