Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fond Doux, Haiti

I arrived home late late on December 22nd from Haiti. I had previously gone on a trip with the UCLA Chi Alpha team this past June and was given the opportunity to join them again. It was an amazing amazing trip and well needed. I feel the timing was perfect and everything went so well. I miss the Haitians already and I miss the team already! I have so many stories to tell and some I am not allowed to tell haha and each time I think about them all I can do is smile to myself. I have a lot to think about, pray about and sort out. Perspectives must change, behavior must change and life must change after such experiences. I am so grateful for being able to join them on this trip, and I don't think words can really describe it.

It is kind of overwhelming to think about putting into words everything we did so I will take the easy route out again and leave you with some photos.

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