Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After recently happening on the site, www.beforeidieiwantto.com I have been thinking of goals I wish to accomplish long term and short term. For instance a longer short term goal I have is not to buy a single article of clothing or shoes for an entire year. I would truly like to be content with the things I have and stop buying into the mindset that what I have isn't good enough or that I will become a better me with newer things. The only exceptions are: undies and socks... these are non negotiables, or perhaps if I am in a wedding and need to buy specific attire or something. One of the great things about the concept of "before I die, I want to..." is that the focus really isn't on death per se, but rather what you want to accomplish before you die. I think it gives a healthy perspective on life, that all we have is an allotted amount of time, what will you do with it.

So here is a short list of things I would like to accomplish either again or for the first time, sometime before I die. (In no particular order)

before I die I want to...
- speak French fluently (and several other languages)
- play the cello and or banjo
-travel the world
- sew efficiently
- own a library card
- be comfortable in my own skin
- knit: sweaters, gloves, socks, etc.
- to be able to understand different sports
- be kissed passionately
- further my education
- have an herb garden
- have children
- read tons of books
- live on my own and be independent
- write/sing and record music
- learn to really cook well
- see my whole family have a strong relationship with G-d
-learn video editing
- become proficient in yoga
- get out of and stay out of debt
- better my photography skills
- learn to dance with a partner
- finally learn how to be a good daughter/relative, friend and employee simultaneously
- be happily married (in general, I realize that one cannot remain happy at a constant rate)
- lessen my carbon footprint
- read the Bible cover to cover
- be more adventurous
- belay
- become a better listener
- be a part of an amazing ministry that helps others physically and spiritually

I'll end this here because I could go on for much much longer


Jori said...

I have this habit of occasionally clicking on old blog posts... It sounds creepy but it's really just its own brand of trail, I think. Anyway, I just came across that Stokley's vegetable book you once found and my horror was reignited. I wonder if future generations will find our advertisements and illustrations horrifying because seriously... looking back... there is so much creepy and unsettling stuff from that time period for children.
This comment is really off topic. Sorry.

bowlcutsandchippedteeth said...

I go back to people's old blog posts all the time. I actually thought of that old ad the other day it is still completely creepy. If anything I think people will see our commercials and ads as being cheesy like 90's commercials often seem. Though it is entirely unsettling to see old ads from that era. I wonder if there was any long term or underlying influences on the children that were subjected to them or not. Why would they think that was okay?