Thursday, July 17, 2008

Venn Diagrams and Disappointment

I have been waiting with bated breath for the new season of Project Runway to come. I do not avidly watch television, but I do enjoy Project Runway when it is on. I for the most part have liked and agreed with past winners and those voted off (though I wish Jillian would have won this past season but Christian was talented as well.) Though the other night as I was watching I was making my educated guesses on who would be in top three and bottom and then who would win and the one who would be "out." Though my bottom three were correct as well as my top three...I was extremly saddened to find who they were actually voting off. I had my clairvoyant assumption that Stella would be "out" because she hadn't even draped anything on the form for almost the entire day and kept saying things like "this looks like garbage!" etc. though I don't think she was trying to purposely make a pun even though she was working with trash bags as her material.

Though instead of voting Stella off who had only hand stiched a trash bag together into an ill fitting "skirt" with a draped around her neck trash bag tucked into the belt; they decided to send Jerry packing. Jerry made a rain jacket and dress out of a shower curtain and several other strange materials, but he was innovative and had a glorious minimalist style to him. I would agree that it wasn't the best thing I had ever seen, but I will say that it was certainly not the worst one on the runway "ahem, Stella." Poor Jerry seemed stunned to have such negative feedback and seemed as if he genuinely believed he would go further. Regardless...I think Jerry will do well for himself and if it helps any, he had his own studio from before the show that he can go back to.

Onto the second half of this post: Venn Diagrams
So a while ago I noticed something rather strange. I had been watching Narnia "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" and noticed the little man that was accompanying the White Witch looked a great deal like the Oompa Loompas on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I decided to check it out on It turns out that they are two different men. One is named Kiran Shah and the other is Deep Roy. In further investigation I found several similarities. Here are the areas of overlap: both were born in Nairobi, Kenya, both have Indian parents, one was born in 1956 and the other in 1957, both are considered to be dwarfs (one being 4 foot 1 inch and the other 4 foot 4inches) and both just so happen to be in movies and do stunts. The strangest part is that it seems as though they are not related. Frankly if they are not related I can only conclude that this is a conspiracy.

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