Thursday, January 3, 2008

birthed from boredom

today i decided to clean out my closet. in doing this i was able to declutter a lot of things and i feel very free and as if i can breathe easier. as i was going through my papers i found old art work and projects that had been long frogotten. i realized it had been a while since i really had done any art for art's sake or for G-d's sake for that matter. i mean i design things and do things for my church but it is more of commercial art (which is art in my book, but the audience and purpose of commercial art is different than what i used to do.) realizing that i hadn't just made anything for no real reason, had energized a desire to create.

so i decided to take a few things that i had been saving to use in some sort of project and scan them in my computer to see what i could do with them. after bringing the scanner to my room and setting everything up, i started looking through magazine clippings and photographs...and i had this overwhelming desire to make a magazine. so that is what i want to do. i want to do special features on different friends and do articles about them, i want to feature different books and music and give them ratings, i would like to have random articles about interesting things or things that get my mind moving, i want to have devotion type things as well. i would like to have some of my friends write articles as well....(ahem, jori). i would like to create this not so it could be some huge magazine or anything. but just so i can design and colaborate with friends. i think this could be fun. so if i come up to you and want an may be because i am creating a 3 page spread on you.

i leave you now with scans from my closet treasure finds. enjoy.

this is my step dad's expired passport

this is my 1st grade school picture

here are different jewelry pieces i had dug up when i was little. past treasures i guess.

this is an old boarding pass stub from when i had gone to eastern europe.

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