Saturday, December 15, 2007

judogis and taiotoshi

today has been glorious day full of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, getting a hilarious white elephant gift and having a marshmellow food fight. seriously today was marvelous. oh and did i mention that it was snowing all day? i will now make this magnificent day complete by spending time with my first love, after i finish posting scans of my white elephant gift, the book set of "from beginner to black belt."

here i have posted the front cover as well as my 2 favorite pictures from the books. (you may also click on the pictures to see a larger version of each picture.) enjoy.


freckles said...

haha i like the last one of them checking out each other's chest hairs.
And the guy in the background is white. I just thought that was interesting =)

rachelle said...

haha i love these pictures. they are soooo funny. the guy with the thick rimmed glasses and comb over is hilarious.

Shelby. said...

I love that so much. I want it when you are done readying it. I have always wanted to be a black belt. Mmhmm.