Friday, August 24, 2007

thoughts on handwriting

i've always thought that hand writing is an indicator of a person's personality. recently while i have been staying in ireland, i have realized that handwriting is very much tied to your identity. i think this is one reason that snail mail is so personal, because you are giving a little bit of yourself to that person. i realized this here in ireland because i recieved letters from dear loved ones. it was comforting to recieve these letters if for no other reason than their handwriting. it felt as if they were there standing next to me reading me their letter. its not only more tangible because you can hold it in your hands but it is unique to that person. i found myself almost responding audibly to the letter as if they really were standing right there in my midst. i don't think that your handwriting can tell you who that person is, but i think it can tell you a little bit of who they were in the moment or what they are like.
as i am thinking about this i think i would like to make an exhibition of portraits of people and then frame a handwritten letter next to them. this seems beautiful to me. i think i will do this. i will have them write a letter about anything they would like. the content will merely be a side bonus. this is just yet another idea of an exhibit i would like to do. recently i have been wanting to do a show of multiples. taking sometimes random pictures that compliment each other and then placing them next to each other to create something new. these may become modge podge (an idea that never takes place or never materializes) but i like the thoughts of them. perhaps they will be the beginning process of something else.

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