Monday, January 27, 2014


I look at the clock, I have timed everything perfectly in order to get to campus at exactly the right time to meet up with a student. Finished designs for my biz and for Chi Alpha for that matter all before 10am. As I am walking out the door I make sure to grab all the things I will need for the day.

Chinese text book, check.
Computer and cord, check check.
Bible, check.
Jacket in case it gets cold later tonight, check.
Deodorant in case it gets hot during the day, check. (It's hypoallergenic deodorant which means it doesn't work and constant application is a must.)
Large 1liter water bottle for hyrdration, check.

Walk a block away where my parked car is. Weave in and out of traffic, take a short cut. Find instant parking, have time to spare. Reach for my phone to text said student to meet up and realize I left the house without my phone.

I may have dementia. That's the only logical conclusion. Though I think that I had my phone in my hand and then sat it down to put my bag on and just forgot to pick it back up.

 I hate phones. Or maybe I love them and just hate my dependency on them.

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